Insight into The Purple Panda Gallery
Insight into The Purple Panda Gallery

About Us

The Purple Panda Gallery is committed to offering affordable original quality artwork by our resident artist Laura Santini. We are totally independent and not affiliated with any other gallery or online multi-web sites, so your painting will be unique.
Our gallery offers clients the opportunity to purchase original artwork that has the potential to be a valuable investment.
Each painting tells a story, different for each admirer.
Laura paints in her own studio or on location when the mood dictates. She has a talent for capturing the moment, be it sea, land or sky and has an interesting abstract perspective.
Laura believes that a painting should be looked at, enjoyed, admired and displayed in a prominent position. Seeing something new each time you view it. Art lovers know the true meaning of an original work and the excitement of owning and collecting them adds to the thrill and appreciation. Take a browse through the collection and see if anything excites you, then take that first step into the art world and position your original painting on the wall that looks like it needs something. Display it with pride, it does not have to be a classic to be admired. Laura’s work will enhance any room and would be a superb gift or present for someone special, that will be totally unique.

The Purple Panda Gallery
Old Holbrook
West Sussex
RH12 4TW
United Kingdom

Resident Artist Laura Santini

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If there is anything you see on our sales page that you would either like to puchase or simply ask a question about. Please call 07415 668491 

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